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Duplication & Conversion Services

Stanleys Transfer House offers a comprehensive range of transfer facilities, HD and SD.  Just walk in with a tape or any file format, and walk out with the digital format of your choice, or we can upload it fast to the internet - the choice is yours.

For broadcasters Stanleys offers a transmission deliverables service, QC and Harding compliance testing. Editing facilities are available to fix any problems. Regular clients include the BBC, Channel Four & BSkyB.

Bring your oldest tapes or films to Stanleys and have them transferred to any of today’s high quality formats. From anything to anything – literally.

A simple phone call or email will get you a fast quote for what you need.

Prices for services & products are quoted exclusive of VAT and carriage.

Service Categories
HD File to HD Tape Transfers
ARCHIVE AUDIO: Vinyl/Cassette/MP3 etc
      Audio Editing
      Transfer from a DAT tape to all formats
      Transfer from a reel to reel audio tape to all formats
      Transfer from a vinyl record to all formats
      Transfer from an audio Cassette to all formats
      Transfer from an audio CD to all formats
      Transfer from an audio micro cassette to all formats
      Transfer from an audio mini cassette to all formats
      Transfer from an audio MiniDisc to all formats
      Transfer from an Hi MD MiniDisc to all formats
      Transfer from DA88 to all formats
      Video Soundtracks to Audio Formats
Cine to DVD or file: 8, 9.5, 16, 35mm
Data Recovery, PC+MAC Repairs
Vintage Tape Services
Archive Tape Transfers
Baking and Cleaning
Restoration of Tapes
Microfilm - microfiche transfers
Standards Conversion PAL & NTSC
Standards Conversions
      Scan Conversions - Basic Quality
      Standards Conversions - VHS Quality
      Standards Conversions - Professional Quality
Aspect Ratio Changes
Editing & Production & Post Production
Photo Restoration
Video Production Services
Film Footage Charts
Tape Lengths and Durations
Video File Size and Usage Guide
Worldwide Broadcasting Standards and Voltages
Upload video, data & audio files
Delivery Options
Frequently Asked Questions
USB printing & copying