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Duplication & Conversion Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only carry out transfers and standards conversions for professionals ?
All of the products and services we offer may be bought or used by ANYONE. It is true the majority of our work is for broadcast or professional companies but we also regularly convert weddings, family gatherings and celebrations to or from worldwide standards, DVD and most popular formats. There are no differences in the pricing or quality for a domestic or broadcast customer. So please feel free to contact us for any style of work.
If I have a tape from abroad can you transfer it to British PAL format ?
Simple answer is yes. But please check that we support the format and standard your tape is (LP, EP or standard). But we do have most machines and standards available. The conversion can be carried out either as a standard format conversion or a full broadcast standards conversion.
How long do transfers or duplications take ?
Always a leading question because of the variables involved - length of transfer, quantity involved etc. but we normally achieve a turnaround time of under 24 hours. Having said that personal callers are normally able to collect the completed job the same day. For really express jobs we will agree a completion time (subject to payment of an additional fee).
When is the best time to bring the job in ?
All transfer work is carried out at our premises in W1 and the closer you arrive to our opening time, ( 9.00 am Monday to Friday ), the easier you will find it to book the work in. Additionally it gives us a better chance to complete the job the same day.
Why don't you accept pre -bookings for jobs ?
Our concept of a facility centre was one that allowed maximum freedom for the customer. To that end we decided that the bookings system (except for editing where specialised staff are to be available), was to be avoided,since it ties customers down to a schedule, forces equipment to be kept free and increases administration costs. Booking systems also force operating costs up with a consequent rise in customer charges. Since we have this straightforward approach - first in, first on - our ability to process the customers requirements is second to none - and why
What is the significance of machine time charges ?
If your business involves the use of equipment to make or process a product then it is sensible business practice to cost each operation to arrive at a price to sell your product. This enabled 'facility houses' to take a straight view on pricing by charging in half-hour sections - obviously where transfers fall outside the charging band it is an advantage as the charge per minute rate increases. With the vast combinations of machines / transfers it had been difficult to raise a price list for a finished product, hence the confusing way of charging machine time. We took the view that to make life simple, a straightforward approach had to be taken - hence our pricing structures that include all costs (apart from tape stock), and also why we do not charge machine time. Our price list structure obviously cannot show every combination that is available - so please ask if your requirement is not shown.
Should I bring in the blank stock ?
If you wish to bring in new blank stock for your recordings we have no objections - but it should be noted that our origins lie in the supply of blank stock and we pride ourselves on the ability to supply the right product at the best price. Should you want to check prices our video price list is available, and we will normally match or beat prices obtained elsewhere - saving extra courier charges in bringing stock to us, and even designed to give you less stress. Please note that where stock is brought in to us we cannot guarantee the quality of that stock and we do not accept used stock for recording on to.
What if I have a tape that I cannot view ?
We have the facility at Wardour Street allowing customers to view most tape types before booking work. Obviously we place time limits on this free service but we try and be as flexible as possible.
How do I submit tapes for transferring or duplication ?
Master tapes may be delivered either personally or by courier (or signed-for post) to Stanleys, The Television Set, 10-11 Percy Street, London W1T 1DN. Please ensure that your full details (name, address and phone numbers) as well as instructions are included in the package. If sending the master to us, please ensure that relevant insurance is taken out and a reputable courier is used. As with all facility houses, our liability for all tapes in our care is limited to the value of the tape stock only.
What if I need a job done quickly ?
Although we endeavour to turnaround all work In 24 hours, should you need a guaranteed QUICK return please ask about our EXPRESS service. An EXPRESS charge will always be quoted according to your requirements, but the following can be used as a guide :

PAL copy from PAL master = Rate for job then plus £12.50 for Express Service PAL copy from NTSC master = Rate for job then plus £15.00 for Express Service PAL Beta SP from PAL master = Rate for job then plus £20.00 for Express Service PAL Digibeta from PAL master = Rate for job then plus £25.00 for Express Service PAL Hi-def from PAL master = Rate for job then plus £30.00 for Express Service


Do You Deliver ?

Where you require a completed transfer or duplication to be delivered there will be a charge of £12.50 +vat for next day delivery.


What if my master is damaged during the transfer ?
In line with the policy of other facility houses, our liability for loss or damage to tape stock and masters is limited to the replacement value of the media only. Where a master and / or copies are not collected within three months of our invoice date we reserve the right to dispose of all the media regardless of payment received, without further reference to the customer. Any requests for items older than 3 months may result in a storage surcharge being applied where the items are still available.
What if I am not sure of the length of my master ?
As mentioned before, we do have a viewing room to check your masters. We have always accepted the duration of programmes as given to us by customers. The tape stock used and associated charges are based on this information. Because of the complexity (long play, normal or extended and whether a machine type is available) it is impossible for us to time a tape before carrying out any work. Therefore we would ask that ANY TIME INFORMATION you supply is correct. Should you not supply a duration or the information you supply not be correct we reserve the right to raise an invoice for additional charges. Where a copy tape runs out before the master finishes, and you require the whole tape to be redone we reserve the right to charge fully for the redone job as well as the original work.
General Information
All prices exclude V.A.T. and delivery charges. A surcharge may be charged on some credit card transactions. For our full terms and conditions please see the reverse of our invoices or despatch notes.
We are open 9.00am until 5.30pm Monday to Friday
and do not close for lunch



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